Steel Fencing

Steel Fencing

Temporary steel fencing

Temporary steel fencing is widely used throughout the UK to provide a clear barrier and protect both the pedestrian on one side and anyone else on the other side from accidents occurring. Due to its design it can be put up in a matter of minutes and is easily assembled without any knowledge and that is why it has some many uses throughout not just the UK but also throughout the world. Temporary steel fencing has many benefits to other types of fencing but also has some side effect to those benefits. Below we go through the good and bad factors of this type of fencing and cover the possible uses of such a fencing type to incorporate with the needs of a client and they can then see if it’s a suitable option for them or not.

The positive factors of temporary steel fencing

The positive factors of temporary steel fencing have both positive and then negative outcomes to them but here will focus on the good and get to the bad later. The first and the best of the positive attributes for temporary steel fencing is its ability to not only be put up in minutes but to be put up by someone who needs very little in the way of training and only a short demonstration will suffice for them to efficiently set up temporary steel fencing. This in turn greatly reduces the time need to install and take away fencing and also pushes down costs of the fencing itself. Another positive is due to its flexible design it can be made to fit easily almost around any type of area that needs to be secured. The variety in the way that a temporary steel fence can be built, depending on the level of security and how strong the barrier needs to be, gives the client complete freedom and allows for extra security measures to be put in if temporary steel fencing moves from being short term to a longer term solution.

The negative factors of temporary steel fencing

The negative factors of temporary steel fencing are numerous and varied in a way to show that a client needs to have specific requirements to be able to get the most out of this type of steel fencing. Temporary steel fencing is quick to install/uninstall but a problem with it being so quick to install and uninstall is the fact that it’s not as secure as other types of permanent steel fencing and is not a good solution for protecting valuable properties as it can be far easier to bypass. The high degree of health and safety that has washed over the UK in recent years prevents someone without holding the necessary training from building temporary fencing even if the act itself is easy for anyone to complete. This may never be a factor to a company as all training is usually back ground checked but to smaller businesses that may employ someone on merit could then find themselves with legal ramifications coming their way.