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Steel Fencing

Steel fencing UK

Across the UK you can find thousands of examples of steel fencing being used to protect properties. There are also a wide range of types of fencing for the UK customers to choose from and each individual or company will need a specific style and UK manufacturers have produced a wide variety to accommodate all needs. In the following paragraphs we push further into the types of steel fencing that are available in the UK and what each one is best suited for. We also look at how each one is made up and the benefits of fitting certain types around certain types of properties.

Mesh steel fencing

Mesh steel fencing is used widely in the UK. The main used of this steel fencing in the UK is to cordon off playing fields/pitches and other types of sporting facilities. The mesh allows a great way to see when behind but also offers good protection for spectators and other visitors who may be wondering about the facility. The mesh steel fencing also allows for a great way to trap in the ball (football, cricket ball, hockey ball and so on) which allows for players to not have to go and collect the ball after a big strike for a six is knocked or someone pulls a shot well wide of the football goal. Another benefit of Mesh steel fencing in the UK is that it can be erected quickly and because of its design will attract less unwanted attention by vandals.

Boundary steel fencing

Boundary steel fencing in the UK is mainly used to provide a level of deterrent and stop intruders from entering schools and private residential areas. It’s also used to deter the use of motor bikes and cars going across local parks where it can be a haven for young offenders driving around on all types of vehicles. The steel fencing itself is usually only a deterrent and not a significant climb or even jump for most adults but its main purpose is to prevent the intruders getting onto properties with something more than just themselves (bikes, quad bikes, cars, mopeds and all other vehicles that are not as easily used on the open roads across the UK)

Armco crash barriers

You will most likely see these stretching on motorways all across the UK. The corrugated steel fencing barriers are used to safeguard the public from unexpected collisions of vehicles and all other types of road accidents. Other uses for the barriers are to prevent vehicles from crashing into residential areas and from passing onto other parts of the road (usually from crossing the motorways and going onto the other side). Due to the very health and safety conscious world we live in the UK has adopted to put these barriers all over certain problem areas and have helped to reduce the amount of injury and collateral damage from road accidents all over the UK.