Steel Fencing

Steel Fencing

Steel fencing supplies

Steel fencing can be brought all over the UK and steel fencing supplies such as the steel fencing itself and other essentials needed for installing and maintaining steel fencing can be brought at the many steel fencing suppliers throughout the UK. Below we give brief descriptions of some of the UK steel fencing supplies and the companies that sell them to give our readers a wide choice of where to go when buying steel fencing and then hopefully to get the best purchase at the best prices for them.

  • Shelter store - At shelter store they produce mainly street security and street furniture products but can also have available some steel fencing supplies and are easily purchased over the phone or on their website.
  • Peart fencing – a leading UK fencing manufacturer that has a wonderful reputation for producing high quality products in the fencing market. Products include mesh, railing, and palisade options for steel fencing supplies.
  • Heras UK fencing systems – A manufacturer and leading UK supplier for permanent fencing solutions. That also have a wide range of fencing and associated steel fencing supplies that can help any client find what they want.
  • Berry systems LTD – Another manufacturer of steel fencing supplies but this time is and installer as well. The company mainly focuses on outdoor barriers.
  • AVS fencing supplies - AVS Fencing Supplies are specialist suppliers of all steel fencing supplies including bollards, barriers, gates and sports enclosures.
  • Jackson’s fencing – Jackson’s fencing supply all types of steel fencing supplies and steel fencing itself. As a manufacturer and contractor of security and garden products Jackon’s fencing boasts quality that lasts.
  • FH brundle – Fh brundle is a supplier of steel products across the UK and can easily hold the requirements for a client looking for steel fencing supplies.
  • Steel fencing UK LTD – Suppliers and installers of steel fencing and steel fencing supplies in London and surrounding areas. A great local company, if your situated in or near London, that can provide you with the best of quality in the steel fencing supplies range.
  • Darfen Durafencing – specialist providers of fencing solutions for industrial, commercial, security and sporting applications throughout the UK. The company provides a good range of steel fencing supplies for all its customers.
  • Procter fencing systems – Procter fencing systems are not a supplier of steel fencing supplies but they do offer a very good service of surveying and erecting fences for customers to suit their needs and specifications.


To get the best deal that you can find it is best to look at all companies that provide steel fencing supplies in the UK. The ones we have listed here should give you a good start but there are many more that we haven’t been able to cover and that could provide you with a better deal so get out their look around and ask as many questions as you can to get the best deal on steel fencing supplies.