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Steel Fencing

Steel fencing manufactures

Steel fencing has become a number one way to keep properties safe all over the UK. It has many beneficial factors that go to creating a perfect security boundary for all types of owners. In the UK there are many steel fencing manufacturers and huge choices to be made on where to purchase steel fencing from and each manufacturer can also be very direct in the style of steeling fencing they sell in the UK. Below you will find some more information on the companies that produce steel fencing in the UK and it should be very helpful to anyone looking to purchase from steel fencing manufacturers in the UK.

Paramount steel fence

Paramount steel fence is a leading manufacturer of steel palisade and mesh security fences in the UK. The company itself has over 25 years of experience and has forced itself into one of the leading companies in the market of steel fencing manufactures in the UK. Paramount steel fence has provided a reliable and professional business practice to its customers and is probably the number one place to go in the UK if you are looking for palisade and mesh security steel fencing in the UK. Paramount steel fence also provides its customers in the UK a very good service of a local company who can erect the steel fence wherever you live in the UK and this helps it to be one of the friendliest steel fencing manufactures in the UK.


Metropolitan are a supplier and manufacturer of steel fencing in the UK. The company itself is a well established family run business with a competitive rate for a steel fencing manufacturer in the UK. The company boasts a highly skilled and competent workforce, at its site in Wednesbury, which produce quality items with high quality checks being taken throughout the process of building the Steel fencing. This very methodical way of approach has given metropolitan a stable base to expand its business and over its customer’s very high quality products. The company also has its own fleet of vans (not hired by another company) and thereby allowing its products to reach customers on time and very promptly.

Total security solutions

Total security solutions are one of the largest distributors for security fencing solutions in homes and other properties across the industry in the UK. The site itself is located in Nottinghamshire, right on the motorway, and has a great distribution service that can provide quick and reliable times for completion of it services. The company itself boasts some already very impressive contracts and also has many more in the pipeline. A couple of the famous contracts include the John Lennon airport in Liverpool, Gatwick airport in London, London cathedral and even Burton Albion football club. The company has a huge variety of steel fencing and other fencing that will cover all needs for any customer. The massive range of different products and the impressive portfolio of already completed contracts make total security solutions one of the best steel fencing manufacturers around in the UK.