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Steel Fencing

Palisade steel fencing

Palisade steel fencing is a great choice for steel fencing enthusiasts everywhere. Coming in the very traditional ‘D’ selection pales or the more modern ‘W’ section pales (the ones you find very often around schools). The typical palisade steel fencing stretches out from small to very large, depending on the requirements of the buyer. My personal favorite would have to be the ‘W’ section pales just because it adds to look and feel of the palisade steel fencing and if any intruder wants to climb over then he’ll have a nasty shock waiting at the top as the ‘W’ section pales can cause nasty injuries not soon forgotten by that naughty burglar.

Benefits of palisade fencing

This robust fencing is surprisingly very easy to assemble and due to its design will fit almost around almost any type of property. Because it will natural follow the profile of a slopping ground (very convenient and help full) this great feature stops the fence from having larger gaps which could be a very risky security problem. Another neat design from this intruder deterrent is that the palisade steel fencing itself is made so there are no clear visible grabbing, hand holds, or any easy way of climbing up the fence allowing for even the most skilful of thief’s to have a hard time penetrating your ring of defence.

How palisade steel fencing works?

Palisade steel fencing is set up usually with posts being stuck into concrete or bolted down. Then the mild steel angles are placed in cross ways and the pails are bolted on to them. All in all it provides a very solid protection system to foil even the most cunning and adept of the intruders that might try to break in. Most companies offer an installation package for someone who would rather leave the work up to a professional however for the more adventurous you could try putting it up yourself but be careful to use the proper health and safety (even if it’s only to avoid the stupidly high fines they charge now a days).

Do you want Ultra peace of mind?

The ultra secure palisade steel fencing, provides an extremely strong and secure perimeter around any property and gives the owner complete peace of mind. This reinforced beat of a fence can hold back almost any attempts of intruding on to your property and can also give that much needed privacy away from prying eyes for the more private of the people among us. The options of the solid panels in between each pale or the perforated ones, allows for a careful eye to be kept out on the perimeter or if needs be a much more private affair.


Palisade steel fencing can provide you with that greater level of protection and security but it can also cost a lot more depending on the package you choose. However, when it comes to your properties safety you can never really put a price on security and it seem much wiser to spend money on a deterrent than to have to pay for repairs by intruders or theft.